A Message From Heather


As someone who values integrity and the importance of prioritization in every aspect of my life, I aim to help other professionals achieve the work / life balance they always wanted. I have always enjoyed administrative projects that some might find more tedious and I put my heart and soul into every assignment.

Being a tenacious, dedicated, and hardworking person, I am eager to build upon my already extensive experience in assisting productivity-driven individuals who need someone to carry out daily tasks. 

I look forward to collaborating with you soon!


Char Parsley, Executive Director at The EWCDHH

"Heather is a young lady with a vast amount of energy and enthusiasm. During her year as an Americorps member, she was responsible for coordinating volunteers and was involved with disaster planning in this regional area. She involved the senior citizens that use the center every Thursday for socialization in various projects and workshops so that they could learn more about what is happening around them and to become better prepared for disasters. She also coordinated a special event where deaf people came and learned about being prepared in their homes and it was during this time that they put together a disaster kit which they then took to their homes. This project required a lot of coordination in trying to secure donations of various items for the kits, finding people to pick up the items and help organize the items for the event. It is with a high regard for this young lady, that I am pleased and honored to be asked for a recommendation for her."

Stanford Campbell, MM, Chair, Music Ministry Department at Multnomah University

"I supervised Heather in several roles over a period of about three years. She is bright, enthusiastic and sociable with an engaging personality. Heather is organized, administrative, she takes initiative and knows how to prioritize her work load, to work quickly and to work well with others on a team. She is a committed, hard working individual with high standards for the work she produces. Heather’s help was invaluable and she is greatly missed in this office. I heartily recommend Heather Lehman for any position that utilizes her administrative and organizational skills and experience."

Dr. Kris Vega, PT, DPT

"I met Heather at a crucial time, during the early days in developing my professional career. At a time that seemed like sheer administrative chaos, she arrived and quickly became an integral partner in helping to restructure our working environment. She facilitated an efficient and effective approach to completing daily, administrative tasks required when running the daily operations of a business in the health and wellness industry.  Her organizational skills are truly exceptional, and she brings a refreshing take on designing function and creativity into every space. Most importantly, one of the unique aspects that she brings to the table is her unmatched drive, commitment and passion for each and every project and client that she takes on. I am happy to say that Heather is no longer just a business associate, but now a dear friend."